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Creating Happy, Healthy, Connected, and Secure Retirements

Personalized Planning that goes beyond the traditional dollars and cents

There's a different way

The new era of retirement & legacy planning

It’s not just about money! Retirement & legacy planning today requires a plan that aligns your values, beliefs, family, and health with your life savings and financial goals.

Who we are


Fee-based fiduciaries advocating for you and your family through intentional portfolio design and disciplined management.

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Inspiring conversations, tools, and resources to help you plan for the mental, social, physical, & spiritual aspects of life.

Our Wellness Strategy
Why Wealth & Wellness Group

Our Purpose:

Challenge the status quo of traditional retirement and legacy planning with a new framework designed for you!

How We're Different

Fostering better transitions and outcomes for clients, families and communities

Wisdom with wealth!

Passing on wealth without the wisdom used to create it, won’t serve anyone well.

Legacy planning and charitable giving should include aspects of wisdom as well as tax considerations, and income needs.


Market Pulse

May 2023: Which Way Do We Go Market

Major indexes ended April on a positive note, with the Dow gaining 2.5%, the S&P 500 rising 1.5%, and the Nasdaq ending slightly higher. It was the largest monthly percentage gain for the blue-chip Dow since January and the highest close for the NASADQ since September. S (Read More)

Don’t Retire The Word “Retirement” Yet


Call me old fashioned, but I don’t feel this deep-rooted need or a strong conviction in my core to get rid of the word “retirement”. I realize I am in the minority of people who think this way because almost every time I start a retirement conversation, present (Read More)

Social Security Should Start At Age 80


I know that sounds absurd, but not if you understand the history of Social Security and the social stigmas that the current age of 62 creates.A quick history lesson reveals that when Social Security was enacted in 1935, very few people were actually supposed to live long eno (Read More)