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Don’t Retire The Word “Retirement” Yet


Call me old fashioned, but I don’t feel this deep-rooted need or a strong conviction in my core to get rid of the word “retirement”. I realize I am in the minority of people who think this way because almost every time I start a retirement conversation, present (Read More)

Social Security Should Start At Age 80


I know that sounds absurd, but not if you understand the history of Social Security and the social stigmas that the current age of 62 creates.A quick history lesson reveals that when Social Security was enacted in 1935, very few people were actually supposed to live long eno (Read More)

Zero Gravity Retirement


I don’t think Sir Isaac Newton was thinking about retirement when he was sitting under an apple tree contemplating the reason for an apple hitting him on the head. After all, he was only 23 when he began formulating the basis for gravity. However, we can apply some of his (Read More)

Left Brain or Right Brain Retirement


It’s fascinating how the brain works. How it helps us process information, make critical decisions, avoid problems, be outgoing or creative, and engage with others. As many of you know, these various functions stem from different sides of the brain and have resulted in a c (Read More)

Are We There Yet?


Whether your parents were driving, or you were shuttling your own family on a road trip, we’ve all heard the age-old question, “Are we there yet?” As an adult, we know the details and timing of a trip, but kids just can’t comprehend it. No matter if you give them a t (Read More)

Are You Ready To Play Musical Chairs In Retirement?


What happens when the music stops at work? How will you feel when the chairs you’ve been marching around for years begin to disappear? You may not realize it, but the childhood game of musical chairs can provide some fresh perspective on retirement. You may remember the th (Read More)